Hi, I am Corey Dawson

Full Stack Web Developer

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What I Do

Front-End Development

As a Front-End Web Developer, I primarily work with React, JSX, JavaScript (ES5 & ES6), HTML5, CSS3 and frameworks such as Materialize & Bootstrap.I enjoy crafting a will designed and visually appealing GUI.

Full-Stack Development

As a Full-Stack Web Developer my focus is the MERN stack: MongoDB, Express, React, and Node when programming. I use my skills to produce Progressive Web Applications as well as Single Page Applications.

Back-End Development

As a Back-End Developer I use Node.js and the NPM and I have primarily worked with MySQL & NoSQL databases creating GET, POST, PUT, and DELETE routes as well as the use of Object-Relational-Mapping.

My Work

Who I Am

Developer From Orlando, Florida

I am a Full-Stack Web Developer from the University of Central Florida. I have a passion for coding and advancing not only my career but my mind. After learning Full-Stack Development from UCF, I have started on the path of Pen Testing as a hobby while I continuing to further my knowledge in coding and development as a whole. My goal is to establish my roots in a company and build a foundation that I can advance in for years to come. I want to put my knowledge and skills to the test each and every day to not only better myself but the company I work for.

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UCF Coding - Full-Stack Web Development

Awarded: Apr 27, 2022

Awarded To:Corey Dawson


What I've Done

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