React SPA forRaised Frame

A Drone Services Company

Raised Frame Home Screen
Deployed to GitHub

"Raised Frame" is an FAA Part 107 Certified Drone Services company based out of Jacksonville, Florida. Being a small start-up company they were looking for a small, clean webpage that would let possible clients know what they could do and how the could contact them. The company will be going "LIVE" later in the summer and wanted the base of the SPA now in order to plan what information would be filled in the "Lorem" placeholders.

I used the REACT library to set up multiple components in order to satisfy the needs of the company. I wanted to build a cinematic header component that would grab the attention of the user instantly. I was given one of their test videos to use as the placeholder while they film and edit something they want in it's place. This section was rather troubling as I had never used video within REACT before but with a few articles I was on the fast track. The video has the {autoPlay loop muted} attributes so it gets going right as the page hits first contentful paint.

The site is responsive, cleanly built and displays a well thought and easy to read color story that allows for colors without being overly bright and turning away the users that prefer a "dark mode".

With the Implementation of EMAILJS I set up a contact component that will email the form content to the company's email in the template that I created. I also gave the user other forms of contact with clickable cards that will be linked to the companies socials once they become availible.

The "Gallery" component is currently labeled a FUTURE FEATURE as I decided on a video carousel as the most effective way to display the companies work in it's HD quality with compromising the speed and responsiveness of the overall website. I have asked to the company to create a YouTube channel to further display their work as well as give me the content to display for this component.

Overall this was a very fun project to work on and I am happy I was able to deliver something that the company can be proud of!

*** All social links and message links will be updated as they are created by the company. Until then, the socials just send you the their respective home pages. ***